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Seychelles wedding

Widely known for the powdered white sand and blue sea, lush greenery and tranquility, Seychelles is indeed Paradise on earth for many.

Making it their dream location for the perfect beach wedding.

For others, getting married in Seychelles is the easiest and fastest option, with almost no paper work required and the wedding certificate which is valid world wide. Regardless of what reason you are planing on getting married in Seychelles, we are about to share with you everything you need to know.

1. Where to start exactly...

Okay, so he proposed, you said yes, and you both have agreed that Seychelles is where you will tie the knot. So, now what? First start with choosing a wedding planner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking around a bit before picking your preferred Seychelles wedding package and a wedding planner. After all, you are choosing someone you have never met before to plan one of the most special day in your lives. Decide on what is important for you, and what you are looking for and bring it up to the wedding planner, see how they respond, the energy and the overall connection you have with them. At the end of the day, this will help you decide if you have chosen the right planner for you.

And with this, you have taken the first step to planing your marriage in Seychelles.

Get Married in Seychelles

Find out the legal procedures, documentation, destinations & venues, and how to plan a perfect wedding with us. Everything you need to know, all in one spot.

2. What documents are needed for a Seychelles wedding?

 To get married in Seychelles, you will need to provide us with -

-Copies of your birth certificates, translated into English or French.

-A decree of divorce (if one of you has been divorced)

-Death certificate of the former spouse if one of you is a widow/widower

-Legal proof in the case of a name that have been changed

-Copies of the first 2 pages of your valid passports

The documents does need to be handed in 12 days prior to the chosen wedding date to avoid the lateness fee of 50 euros.

3. Where will my wedding be recognized and how do I register it back home?

A wedding in Seychelles is recognize worldwide. For countries in Europe and the UK, all you need is an apostle which can be obtain two working days after the wedding. Different countries, have different procedures and duration when it comes to registering the wedding, for example-

- For Philippines, you need to contact the embassy in Kenya within the first year of the wedding to commence the report of marriage.

- For France, please get in contact with the French Embassy based in Mauritius before the wedding.

- For India, It is important to contact the Indian Embassy in Seychelles before the wedding

- For UAE once you receive the certificate, please bring it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai.

It is advisable to contact your respective embassies in advance to double check required procedure for registration of your wedding.

4. Do  I need a visa to enter Seychelles?

No Visa Is needed to enter Seychelles.

5. Do I need to take a pregnancy test before or upon arrival to Seychelles?

No pregnancy tests are needed.

6. Can I stay in the same hotel room as my partner?

Yes, you can book one room for the two of you even before you are married.

7. How can I book a religious ceremony?

For church weddings and Nikkah, do send us an email for more details, as different religion has different requirements and specifications.

8. What if it rains on  my wedding day?

It is easy fall prey to the so famous weather forecasts that has predicted massive downpours and thunderstorm on your big day. So, many previous brides has been deceived by it, cancelling, postponing and (worse of all) planning their honeymoon, and picking their wedding date solely on what the forecast predication, only to find that it was wrong.

Don't get us wrong, we are not saying that the forecasts are never accurate, we are merely stating that , with Seychelles being a tropical country, most often the forecasts can't accurately predict the weather.

If it's raining the days before your wedding, the best thing to do is wait until the actual wedding day before making any rush decisions. If it's passing showers, you can wait as it won't take long to clear and you can proceed with your wedding plans.

Worse case scenario it will be a thunderstorm,and in that case we can always cancel and postpone the whole wedding to another day.

Of course, there are some couples who does not wish to postpone the wedding, as the date is a special one for them.Hence they will either downgrade the package to a paper work only, or do a paper work wedding on that date, and we set up the decoration on another day for photos.

Wedding in Seychelles.JPG

9. I am a UAE resident, can I get married in Seychelles?

Absoulety, as a matter of fact, marrige in Seychelles for UAE residents has grown to be extremely popular, as the process is fast with very little paper work required. For UAE residents, alongside the apostle you will also need a letter of authentication, and UAE attestation done in Seychelles by the UAE embassy, which may take about 10-14 working days to obtain. Documents can be couriered to all couples who are unable to stay in Seychelles until it's ready.

10. How much does a Seychelles wedding cost?

- Flight. It depends, on the season, airline and country of departure. For example, two, two way tickets from Dubai on Emirates airline, could cost anywhere between 2000 Euros to 2700 Euros.

-Accommodation. Prices for accommodation depends on which island and type of accommodation you choose. With some self caterings starting as low as 55 Euros per nights, and some smaller resorts starting at 170 Euro per night for two people.

-Wedding Packages. Starting as low as 750 Euros for a room wedding and going up to 2500 for the the all inclusive wedding package.

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Armed with these knowledge, we hope you feel more prepared and confident to start planning your Seychelles Beach Wedding. Anything we missed to cover, we will be happy to discuss over email.

Who said getting married in Seychelles has to be stressful?

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