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Wedding in Seychelles for UAE Residents

Wedding in Seychelles for UAE residents are becoming more and more popular each year, here are the top 10 Reason why...

1. Only 4 hours away...

Being only 4 hours away, and with Emirates and Qatar airways having direct flights on a daily basis makes it ideal for busy couples who wishes to tie the knot. Some flying in only to stay the weekend only (or the night) then flying back home and getting back to "normal" life.

2. No visa required

You will get a Visitors permit valid for up to three months upon arrival in Seychelles but you do not have to request a Visa prior. You do however, need to request a visitor's permit.


3. Almost no paper work

A wedding in Seychelles for UAE residents means escaping the mountains of paper work being demanded by most countries.

All you need is copies of your passport, birth certificates and divorce papers, and you are all set.


4. A wedding that is Valid worldwide

Weddings in Seychelles are valid in the home countries off the couples, regardless of which nationality the bride and groom may be.  ​


5. Religion and Nationality does not cause an Issue.

Marriage in Seychelles is becoming more and more popular as more bi national couples realize that nationality, religion or race won't affect their Seychelles beach wedding.

DSC_0251 (471).jpg

6. Mini Vacation.

Combining the wedding trip and the honeymoon is growing into a trend.

With couples flying in for the wedding, then staying to enjoy the Seychelles sun as they wait for the wedding certificate.

What a great way to kill two birds with one stone


7.  Documents are ready in less than two weeks.

Once the wedding is done you can receive the papers in 10-14 working days via DHL .


8. A Seychelles beach wedding can be planned less than 5 days.

You read the title correctly, if it comes down to it you can plan your wedding in Seychelles in less than 5 days.

Just make sure all your paper works are in order.


9. Wedding packages for UAE Expats

With wedding in Seychelles for UAE residents becoming more popular every year, it only makes sense that wedding agencies would introduce new packages to accommodate for this. From the paper work package only which is one of the best selling Seychelles wedding packages for UAE Expats, to discounts for Emirates crew.

DSC_6402 (2).jpg

10. It's Seychelles

At the end of the day so many couples are still coming to Seychelles because, well, it's Seychelles.

Blue sky, powdered white sand, turquoise sea, beautiful greenery, all makes the perfect recipe for a romantic get away.

Marriage in Seychelles for UAE expats is indeed on the rise, regardless of if you chose our little corner  of the because there are Seychelles Wedding Package for UAE Expats or because it's four hours away,

one thing we can indeed guarantee is that from start to finish it will be hassle free.

Plan a perfect & wonderful marriage in Seychelles for UAE residents with us and get married without any worries.

Find below some frequently asked question and the answers to them.

  • What papers do I need to get married in Seychelles?
    We need the following papers to process your wedding in Seychelles- A copy of your birth certificates Copies of your valid passports A decree of divorce (if one of you has been married before) Death certificate of the former spouse if one of you is a widow/widower Legal proof in the case of a name that have been changed All documents should be received 12 days prior of the wedding date.​
  • Can I get married if i have not handed in my papaers before 12 days?
    Yes, we have organized weddings in less than 12 days. However there is a lateness fee of 50 euros.
  • How will I get my wedding certificate?
    Depending on how long you will stay in Seychelles, we might be able to deliver it to yoou in hand before your departurre. If we are not able to do so, we will courrier it you using DHL.
  • How long does DHL take to reach the UAE?
    DHL normally takes 4-7 working days to deliver your documents to you.
  • I have my wedding certificate, now what?"
    First of all, you have to bring your wedding certificate to the ministry of foreign affiars in UAE to complete the UAE wedding registration. Next, you have to bring your wedding cetificate to your respective embassies for attestation and registration of your wedding.
  • Can I book my own accomodation?
    Yes, at the moment we do not have any packages with accoodation included. We can however, provide a list with accomodatios that have been popular with past couples.
  • Can we book accomodation through you?
    No. At the moment we are unable to provide or book any accomodations. We can however advise you, and suggest a few that has been popular lately to you.
  • I don't have rings. Can I still get married?
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