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Seychelles Wedding Packages

Our Seychelles Wedding Packages are unique and special for luxurious weddings in Seychelles of every size and style.

Over the years Seychelles weddings have grown to be very popular with laid back couples wanting sunset wedding photos or powdered white sand, and with weddings in Seychelles starting as low as 600 euros there is definitely something for every budget. Getting married in Seychelles is a hassle free process for most couples, as so little paper work is required, and the wedding planner carefully plan the small details for you.

You need to provide the following documents in order to book your wedding-

  • A copy of your birth certificates

  • Copies of your valid passports

  • A decree of divorce (if one of you has been married before)

  • Death certificate of the former spouse if one of you is a widow/widower

  • Legal proof in the case of a name that have been changed

  • All documents should be received 12 days prior of the wedding date.​

All you have to do is choose your preferred weddings in Seychelles package book your accommodation and flight and we will take care of the rest.

Why choose a Seychelles Wedding?

Not only is a wedding in Seychelles romantic, fast and recognized worldwide,but it can also be as big or as small as you desire which means that you can plan your beach wedding in Seychelles in less than a week if it comes down to it.We have a variety of options available and our team is always on hand to help you make the best decision when choosing a Seychelles wedding package. Keeping in mind the three main islands, different budgets, and the fact that each couple is different, we have come up with more than one Seychelles wedding package, that way we could guarantee that everyone could find something to their taste, and if you still could not find something that suites you and your dream, allow us create a unique Seychelles wedding package just for you.

Our wedding packages in Seychelles offers you the best of the best, from services, to value, to customer satisfaction we pride ourselves in being the best. With our wedding Packages in Seychelles starting from as low as 600 euro, you are guaranteed to find a package for each and every budget.

Let's start planning your Seychelles wedding...

Email us today on or

call us on +248 2598994 

and we will start planning your wedding in Seychelles...

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