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Top Ten Reasons Tourists Love Wedding Packages In Seychelles

Located east of Kenya, Seychelles is a beautiful country made up of 115 islands to explore. With its all-year tropical weather, stunning scenery and abundance of activities being just a taster of special features about the country, a beach wedding in Seychelles is a very popular choice among tourists wanting to get married overseas.


There are plenty of hotels and resorts that are willing to attend to your every need. Many offer a range of entertainments, including parties, sports activities, swimming pools and dining experiences on the beach.


This Indian Ocean paradise is the perfect place to get married. You’ve got the white sandy beaches, the gorgeous turquoise sea and the wonderful nature to help create a spectacular atmosphere and backdrop for a Seychelles beach wedding. Imagine the stunning pictures and memories that you’d come away with and be able to treasure for the rest of your time together as a couple.


With that said, let’s take a look at 10 reasons tourists love wedding packages in Seychelles.

Beach Wedding Seychelles

1. Beautiful Scenery

It’s no secret that the views found in Seychelles are breathtaking. For example, Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most photographed beaches in the world due to its spectacular sandy beach and jade-coloured sea. You’re also surrounded by many coconut palm trees and stunning boulders which adds to the beauty of the area and produces amazing photos for a Seychelles beach wedding.


This tropical paradise is home to some interesting forests and even mountains which are wonderful to see. These mountains give a very unique view for tourists as they are made from granite and are sheer. You can then experience even more glorious views when exploring the beaches at sunset. The pink, yellow and orange hues make for stunning panoramic scenes.

2. The Warm Weather

When planning a wedding, most couples choose a date in the summer months because they want the sunny weather on their side. Boasting a tropical climate, Seychelles is hot all year round. The temperature ranges from 24℃ to 32℃, so it’s perfect for people who want the certainty of warm weather for their special day.


However, you have to take into account that between the months of November and March is monsoon season for Seychelles. If you want to steer away from the rainy and muggy months, it’s recommended to have your wedding booked anytime from June to September. This will guarantee you the perfect dry weather that a lot of engaged couples look for when planning their wedding. 




3. Wildlife

Seychelles devotes 42% of its country to conservation, meaning it’s one of the world’s leading countries in protecting land for endangered species. You will find a variety of beautiful and interesting animals here that you may not have experienced before. These include many species of birds, fruit bats, tree frogs, flying foxes and a diversity of fish. A big wildlife attraction for tourists is the Aldabra giant tortoise. It’s one of the largest tortoises in the world and is now very much protected by law in Seychelles.

4. Hiking Trails

Going for hikes around Seychelles is a great activity that tourists like to spend doing on their honeymoon. This experience is a good way to explore the islands and see even more of the spectacular scenery. As you wander around, you can take a look at the unfamiliar plants that survive in this idyllic country. If you’re a big lover of hiking, the island of Mahe is home to Morne Seychellois which is the highest peak in Seychelles.


Another option is the nature reserve and UNESCO world heritage site of Vallée de Mai located on the island of Praslin. Described as the real-life “Garden of Eden”, there are plenty of native creatures to see and is a unique place that shows wilderness unaffected by humans.


What’s more romantic than holding hands whilst walking around a beautiful island with your new spouse?



5. Traditional Creole Cuisine

When booking a Seychelles beach wedding, it’s a no-brainer that you are going to experience the delicious local delicacies that this haven has to offer. Surrounded by the ocean, it’s no surprise that fish and seafood are staple foods of Seychelles, as well as rice and breadfruit. As you would expect, there are also tropical fresh fruits including pineapple, mango, coconut, passion fruit and papaya.


Many variations of curries are very common meals made locally with fresh vegetables and savoury spices. Locals also like to make different chutneys, including a very unique shark chutney!

6. Familiar Languages

Even though Seychellois Creole is the most commonly spoken native language of the country, English and French are also official languages of Seychelles. With 91% of the population being native speakers of Seychellois Creole, a lot of aspects of living are however carried out in English. For example, the majority of websites, meetings and business are all done in English, as well as published laws for the country. This is very handy for planning a beach wedding in Seychelles as English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, which means that weddings are most likely to be conducted in English too.


7. It’s Inexpensive

With various wedding packages available that include everything you need like a registrar, decorations, wedding cake and photographer, it works out to be so much cheaper than the average wedding. Looking at the UK as an example, the average wedding will set you back £20,000. However, a Seychelles beach wedding works out much cheaper, even with a honeymoon booked in as well. You’re more likely to be looking at a price range of £7000 to £9000.

8. Easy To Get To

Since Seychelles International Airport opened in 1971, flights to Seychelles come from all over the world. Many European countries have direct flights to Seychelles, including France and Germany. Air Seychelles is the main airline used and flies from other countries around the world, including Mauritius and Johannesburg.


9. Diving and Snorkeling

This is one of the best experiences you can enjoy together as a couple in Seychelles. There are plenty of tropical fish and amazing coral reefs to see, along with the common sightings of giant stingrays and turtles.

10. Romantic Atmosphere

Seychelles is viewed as one of the most romantic places in the world. You’ve got stunning sunsets, impressive beaches and you’re surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean. Let’s not forget the many activities that can be experienced here as well as the many wonderful restaurants that provide delicious, romantic meals. You could also book a couple’s massage to relax and unwind together in one of the many spas that you can find there.

Book A Seychelles Wedding Today

As you can see, a beach wedding in Seychelles has got it all. With such stunning views and lovely weather, you’re guaranteed to have the best special day. There are many wedding packages available and you can have your wedding as big or as small as you wish. No matter what your budget is, there will be a package that fits your needs with the option to also have us create a unique package just for you.


Seychelles truly is a stunning place to get married and if you choose to have your wedding there, the magical photos that you will take away with you are going to help you treasure those memories forever as a couple.

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Seychelles Wedding
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