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9 Must have Wedding Pictures

Having a wedding in Seychelles is a glorious way to promise the one you love a lifetime of commitment and happiness. There’s something magical about being on the pristine beach surrounded by the beauty of the Indian Ocean. The panoramic views create a stunning backdrop for wedding photos and will provide you with a beautiful keepsake for you to look back on over the years.

We can’t deny that wedding photos are one of the most important part of the day. As photographers ourselves, we understand how essential the right poses are in creating remarkable images that capture the love and romance between a couple. It’s a lovely experience when you receive your wedding photos and spend time together looking through them, reminding yourselves of the fun and happiness you shared on the day.

Before the big day, think about any poses that you may want to do. Of course, your photographer will already have many poses in mind for your special day, but it’s still a good idea to be able to have some ideas of your own. With countless Seychelles weddings under our belt, we’re going to share with you our top 10 must wedding photos that we guarantee will give your photos the extra wow factor.

1. The First Look

The first look is one of the most important moments to photograph.

You will definitely forget that the photographer is there as the emotion takes over.

2. Carrying the bride

Regardless if you wish to lift her up, carry your bride "princess style" or give her a piggy back ride, this is both a fun and romantic pose to do. It’s guaranteed to make the bride smile and giggle and makes for a timeless photos.

You can also add action into the shot by adding a spin or swing with the lift.

3. Walking Together

Whether you’re walking away from the camera or towards it, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend some time together and have a chat and laugh with each other. Guaranteed to get natural and romantic photos.

4. Details, details, and more details....

From pictures of the rings, to pictures of your hands, from the decoration to the bouquet,

you can never have to much shots of the small details.

5. Solo

Pictures of the two of you laughing, walking and having a great time together, will ensure some great memories to take away from your Seychelles wedding. However, it is also very important to get both bride and groom individual shots.

6. Walking Down the aisle

You cannot miss the opportunity to get a few photos of the two of you walking down the aisle, only moments away from saying "I do".

8. Candid Shots

To complete your photo album, you’ll certainly need some candid pictures. All you will have to is embrace the moment and the emotions you’re feeling together, and the photographer will make sure you get this magical time captured.

9. Something fun

You can't miss this opportunity to add a few funny, silly and fun photos in your albums.

Here is our list of 9 must have wedding photos. Before your wedding in Seychelles, it’s always good to have a plan in mind. If you have some fantastic ideas of photos you would like to have, you could always discuss with the photographer before the photoshoot and chat about your expectations, and likes, and they will also be able to share their expertise with you to help you get the best photos of your day.

Don’t forget to check out our website, where you can find plenty of gorgeous photos in our gallery to get some inspiration. Like what you see? We have several Seychelles photography packages that will guarantee to showcase the best moments from your wedding day.

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