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The Essential Guide to Planning a Beach Wedding

Your wedding day should be filled with fun, joy and memories that will last a lifetime. A Seychelles beach wedding is the perfect way to tie the knot with your loved one and start the next chapter of your lives together as a couple. At Seycaptures, we’re proud to say that we’re one of the leading agencies that organise beach weddings in Seychelles.

Our range of wedding packages makes Getting Married in Seychelles a hassle-free experience with a wedding planner provided who will take care of everything for you. This means you won’t have to stress yourself over booking lots of appointments and having to search for various vendors. Everything is done for you together in one simple package.

Your beach wedding can be as big or small as you’d like and our team is always on hand to help you create a magical occasion. One thing that’s important to a lot of couples we help out is finding the perfect beach to get married on. We also recognise that the timing of the ceremony is also an important factor for making the most of your day. With our expertise and knowledge, we have found out how to choose the perfect beach and time for your wedding.

How We Choose The Perfect Beach And Time For Your Seychelles Wedding?

Intimacy Over Popularity

Over the years, we’ve realised that many couples choose to have smaller, intimate ceremonies when getting married in Seychelles. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere and means that the couple invites just a handful of special people in their lives. Because beaches in Seychelles are public spaces, you may think that creating this intimate occasion is difficult.

We know which beaches are the most popular to visit, so we avoid those ones and choose the quieter beaches which are just as beautiful. Take Beau Vallon beach, for example. This particular beach is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike, so we would choose to host the wedding at Mare Anglaise instead. Mare Anglaise is only a couple of minutes away and is much less visited by tourists.

Other beaches we will avoid hosting a ceremony on are ones in hotel resorts. You wouldn’t have the intimate feeling while getting married surrounded by the people staying at the resort. We will always ensure that we choose a beach outside of the resorts.

Transport Time To And From Your Accommodation

Something we consider when we’re thinking about timing your day well is your transportation to and from the location of the ceremony. We will plan out how long the journey is between the accommodation you’re staying at and the beach where your wedding is being held.

We know that the roads in Seychelles can consist of bends, curves, hills and bumps, so we will always consider the route where these are minimal. If you suffer from travel sickness and expect that you may need to stop along the way for a breather, we will allow extra time for this to ensure that you’ll be on time.

Low Tide

Having a beach wedding means that we need to plan the day around the sea’s tide movements. It’s essential for us to find out when the tide is at its lowest so that big waves crashing onto the beach won’t interrupt your wedding. There’s nothing worse than trying to have your special moment but then needing to run around to avoid getting soaked by the sea.

If you have a particular time that you want to have the ceremony, just be prepared that we may have to change it due to the tide. Every month the local meteorological office releases new tide schedules. This allows us to accurately predict when would be the best time to host your Seychelles Beach Wedding and not have to worry about rising tides.

Registrar Availability

Because weddings in Seychelles have become more popular over the years, one thing we need to consider for timing is the registrar’s availability. One registrar will attend several weddings throughout each day which can amount to between 20-30 ceremonies a week. This means that the registrar gets the final say in the time of the ceremony and even the location.

As disappointing as this can be if you were after a particular time to get married, we need to make sure that your wedding doesn’t clash with others that the registrar has to attend that day. We also need to factor in the time they will need to travel from the previous wedding to get to yours on time. We want you to have the most special day, and we can only do that if we have a registrar to conduct your ceremony.

Seaweed And Wind Direction

Because Seychelles is a tropical country, it is often difficult to accurately predict the weather and the wind direction. Luckily, we can use past weather patterns to help us determine what kind of weather we can expect at certain times of the year as best as we can.

Between mid-November and March, we know that the North-West monsoon occurs. This means that we can keep a close eye on the beaches located on the North and East sides of the country, such as the North East Point Beach and Grand Anse Beach. During the Southeast monsoon between May and November, we turn our attention to the beaches in the East and Southern areas, such as Takamaka Beach and Baie Lazare.

Having this knowledge means that we can avoid the mountains of seaweed that drift ashore on the side of the country where the sea and wind is most intense at certain times of the year.

Why Seycaptures?

Now that you know how we choose the perfect beach and time for your Seychelles Wedding, we want to tell you why you should trust us in helping you plan your ideal wedding day.

Your own wedding planner - when choosing one of our wedding packages, you will have your own dedicated wedding planner who will take all of your ideas and wishes and turn them into the best day for you.

Full service provided - not only do you get a wedding planner, but you will also get many other details and essentials included. Some examples include wedding cake, decorated aisle and gazebo, bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere, photographer along with so much more.

Very affordable - you can expect to pay anywhere between €7,000 and €32,000 for a wedding in countries such as the USA, UK and other European countries. Booking with us through our wedding packages, you will only pay between €600 and €2,250. Even paying for accommodation and flights on top of that, you’re saving a lot of money.

It takes the pressure off you - because we take care of almost everything to do with your special day, you can relax and don’t have to worry about who needs to do what and when things need to be done. You can spend your time enjoying the fun parts of planning a wedding.

Need help with planning your own beach wedding in Seychelles? Why not get in touch with us so we can discuss what your idea of the perfect wedding day is and do what we can to make your dream come true.

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