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Our 5 favorite spots for weddings in Seychelles.

Getting married in Seychelles may be something you have always dreamed of - the perfect beach wedding to celebrate your special day, spent creating and capturing memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Seycaptures was born from a group of photographers eager to capture beautiful beach weddings in the Seychelles, however we pivoted our focus in 2014 to helping couples get married here instead, and we haven’t looked back since! From then on, we have established ourselves to be one of the leading Seychelles wedding planners,bringing us so much joy to put together your perfect day. So we’ve been on both sides of the process, from the curation of the big day to the capturing of it.

Why should you choose to have your wedding in Seychelles?

Few places on the planet do ocean-side luxury quite like the Seychelles, and how fantastic is the prospect of having a Seychelles wedding. With jaw-dropping beaches, powdered white sand, delicious cuisine and world-class scuba diving, you really would be getting married in paradise. The Seychelles really is the place to be, with the islands coming alive at weekends with people soaking up the rays under the cool shelter of gently swaying takamaka trees. There is also an abundance of wildlife here and spectacular hikes, so when planning your honeymoon here after getting married in Seychelles, just know that you would never be short of things to do.

We’ve decided to get married in Seychelles, but which beach should we choose?

When you realize that the Seychelles is home to around 115 islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean, it can be hard to choose which of our unblemished beaches is your favorite. Each has its own unmatched aesthetic beauty, powdered white sands framed with striking rock formations, palm trees and turquoise ocean waters. To help you make the decision as to which beach to spend your special day on, we have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite spots to have your wedding in Seychelles.

Anse Source d’Argent Beach

Anse Source d’Argent is situated on the western side of La Digue island, the perfect blend of gigantic granite rock formations, lush palm trees, crystal clear shallow waters, and powdered white sands. How could you resist wanting to sink your toes into the epitome of elegance, with Anse Source d’Argent having been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles. And it’s obvious why. The rustic style of the landscape makes for breath-taking photographs, with the rocks forming a picture-perfect backdrop. As such, there may be a lot of shadows on this beach, and so we would recommend you discussing this with your wedding planner in order to schedule your Seychelles wedding photoshoot in the morning or evening so as to guarantee the perfect lighting, coupled with a wedding photographer who knows how to handle both nature and water reflections.

Quiet? Perhaps not. Anse Source d’Argent beach is incredibly popular with tourists and so if you were interested in getting married in Seychelles completely alone then perhaps this beach is not for you, particularly as the beach area grows increasingly smaller at high tide. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that you would have to walk approximately 5 to 7 minutes to get to the wedding decoration, and so accessibility is another thing to discuss with your Seychelles wedding planner in advance.

Examples of accommodations close by and driving time-

Le Domaine De L'orangeire - 20 Minutes

Anse Patatran - 30 Minutes

Le Relax - 10 Minutes

Chez Marston - 15 minutes

Hotel Chateau Saint Cloud - 15 Minutes

Anse Lazio Beach, Praslin Island

You will truly be ‘castaway’ at Anse Lazio Beach, the second-largest island in the Seychelles being famous for its Hollywood features. This coral-rich wonderland is located on the northwest tip of the island, and is by far one of the most romantic places to hold a Seychelles wedding. Powdered white sand dominate the landscape, fringed by coconut palms and vividly turquoise waters. Lying North East of Madagascar and East of Zanzibar, Anse Lazio truly looks as though it has been taken from a postcard and brought to life. As such, it is not surprising that this tropical beach is constantly being ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, considered to be one of the best in

the archipelago. The only con we can think of is the fact that it's beauty and popularity means it is always busy.

Examples of accommodations close by and driving time-

Raffles Resort & Spa - 15 Minutes

Paradise Sun Hotel - 25 Minutes

L'archipel - 30 minutes

Coco De Mer - 50 Minutes

Acajou - 30 Minutes

Lemuria - 55 Minutes

Oasis - 45 Minutes

Le Duc De Praslin - 25 minutes

La Reserve - 20 Minutes Drive

Mare Anglaise

We are sure you have gathered by now that rock formations and palm trees are to be expected in Seychelles, with Mare Anglaise beach being another location to add to the list of beaches with these stunning backdrops. Mare Anglaise boasts

a unique character, a smaller destination but still unbelievably beautiful with it's palm trees standing tall, and large rocks formation.

Being a smaller beach, it is best to avoid it when when high tides, as well as weekends and after working hours, as it's very well loved and frequented by both tourists and locals.

Examples of accommodations and driving time-

Bliss Hotel Boutique - 15 minutes

Coral Stand smart choice- 5 Minutes

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay- 7 Minutes

Treasure Cove - 10 Minutes

STORY Seychelles - 7 Minutes

Savoy resort & Spa - 5 Minutes

Marie Laure Suite - 6 Minutes

Cassa Dani - 10 Minutes

Northolme Resort & Spa - 8 Minutes

Grand Anse Mahe

This is one of our favorites as it isn’t so popular with tourists.

Why? Because it’s not so good for swimming as there are

sometimes relatively strong currents and the water can be deep,

That aside, Grand Anse is one of the longest stretches of beaches in Seychelles, a wide

bay located on Mahe’s west coast. It boasts a stunning contrast between the powdered white sands and sea of Grand Anse, the surrounding mountains and hills of the island’s interior making for a uniquely attractive location for a wedding

in Seychelles.

The cons? If you’re after palm trees to be gently swaying in the background of your photographs then perhaps it would be better to consider one of the other beaches, as there aren’t any on Grand Anse, nor are there many rocks. As such, be

careful when considering this as the location for your Seychelles wedding.

Examples of accommodations close by and driving time-

Constance Ephelia Resort & Spa - 10 Minutes

Eden Blue - 20 Minutes

Savoy Resort and Spa - 40 minutes

Villa De Jardin - 7 Minutes

E & E Guest house - 45 minutes

Cressent Residence - 5 Minutes

Roche Copra, Baie Lazare, Mahé

At last, our favourite. With gorgeous powdered white sands, beautiful rock formations, Roche Copra Beach is the one for you. Getting to the beach is simple, especially if you decide to spend part of your Seychelles wedding celebrations in

one of the nearby resorts. The water at Roche Copra isn’t too deep either, so swimming is usually not a problem, and Baie Lazare lends itself well to snorkeling and especially windsurfing, the perfect fun activities for your honeymoon after your

wedding in Seychelles. The only con we can think of is that it is quite popular with weddings and so there might be another wedding close by, however this is something we would definitely consider when planning your wedding.

Examples of accommodations close by and driving time-

Kempinski Resort & Spa - 7 Minutes

Four Seasons Resort - 10 minutes

Coco Blanche - 20 Minutes

Le Nautique luxury beach front apartment- 20 Minutes

Yellow Petal- 15 Minutes

Chez Batista - 10 Minutes

Allamanda Resort and spa- 25 Minutes

Book your beach wedding in Seychelles today.

It is probably quite clear by now that getting married in Seychelles is both unbeatable and unforgettable. With gorgeous weather, breath-taking landscapes, and the wedding packages you could ever wish for, you are guaranteed to have the wedding of your dreams. Whilst these are just our top 5 favorites for possible beach locations, there are so many more for you to choose from planning your wedding in Seychelles.The naturally romantic and unblemished surroundings of pristine beaches, calm warm waters and year-round sunshine, make Seychelles the truly perfect location for an unforgettable, truly luxurious wedding abroad.

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